ALAJAX - a jQuery plugin that converts Forms into AJAX simply

Moved to its official website:

Alajax - the jQuery Form to AJAX converter

A jQuery plugin that converts a normal HTML form into ajax by only including the script.
It sends the form by AJAX to the URL given in "action" property of the form. Also, the plugin uses the "method" property to use POST or GET method.

What's new in this plugin?

  • Simple to use and to include. Just add the script file and run the function $('#form').alajax();
  • It could be applied to any form.. It just disble submitting the form and send it by AJAX.
  • It can send dynamic form. I mean it send the elements of the form textareas and inputs, excluding "button, image, submit" inputs
  • You can use $("form"), $("#form_ID") or $("#div_ID"). The plugin will check if the element is a FORM element, then sends all data inside. If the element is not a form, it will look inside it for a form.

Check out the Demo page to get more info about it.